We work on all types of boats for one kind of customer... We work on all types of boats for one kind of customer...

Four Boatyards, Three States, One Company To Help You Cruise

For more than three decades, Zimmerman Marine has specialized in boat maintenance, repairs, and refits.

Boat Repair & Service

Interior modifications, Custom cabinetry, Inca TV lifts, Wooden boat structural repairs, Teak deck

Charging systems, System design, Green energy, Generators, Bonding systems & corrosion analysis

Cosmetic repairs, Blister treatment, Custom fabrications, Vinylesters, Hull repairs, Transom extensions

Electrical System, Engine, Systems, Structural, Overview Assessments

Engine work, Vibration analysis and correction, Fuel systems, Sound reduction

AwlGrip® spray finishes, Traditional oil based varnish and enamels, Cetol, Barrier Coats

Mast stepping and un-stepping, Rig tuning, Re-rigging, Furlers, Rigging inspections

Navigation electronics, A/C, Thrusters, Watermakers, Fuel polishing, Entertainment

Haulouts up to 80 tons, inside storage, boat detailing.

ZMI has the facilities and equipment needed to efficiently service a wide range of vessels.

Authorized Service